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I’ve started a brand, like a real life fully fledged business. I still can not believe I’m typing these words. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to start my own business, more specifically a clothing brand. It took becoming a mama for me to get badass and find my inner brave to make those dreams a reality and launch Family Merch.

Hey Hun

Hey Hun
I mentioned on the Family Merch Instagram that I was going to start a blog (another one!) to document/share/off load the high's and lows of running a business.I put out it out there so I have to follow it through, thing is I've sat down to write the "first" blog post and the pressure is on. Is it writers block or Stage fright? I don't know! I wanted a brilliantly witty to kick the Family Merch blog off but all the ideas I came up with just didn't feel right. So I'm going to strip things back and just say hi and tell you a little about me.