Hey Hun

I mentioned on the Family Merch Instagram that I was going to start a blog to document/share/off load the high's and lows of running a business. I put out it out there so I have to follow it through. Thing is I've sat down to write the "first" blog post and the pressure is on. Is it writers block or Stage fright? I don't know! I wanted a brilliantly witty to kick the Family Merch blog off but all the ideas I came up with just didn't feel right. So I'm going to strip things back and just say hi and tell you a little about me.

Hey hun! I'm Janine. I'm from sunny south London Croydon to be exact. I've been with the Mr for more years than I can remember (18 I think, wait is it 17?) The point is I'm committed and yeah numbers aren't my forte. We've got 2 boys Gray 2 and Jude 5 months. We left the bright lights of Croydon for a sleepy village in Surrey, because London property prices are eye watering. For the most part I'm cool with the move. I only miss the cronx (if you know, you know init) when I'm out of hair oil and plantain and need to do a 40 min drive back to my old stomping ground for my fix. 

I launched Family Merch in June after years of thinking about it, and then thinking some more but never doing. I'm an over thinker by nature and I knew that unless I just took a leap and dit "IT" Family Merch would still be an idea. 

I like to think becoming a mama made be brave, as well as delivering my babies in the birthing suite I also delivered my inhibitions. Starting Family Merch is one of the scariest things I've ever done. Investing my hard earned money into something, created products that I love and believe in hoping the world will too, brings me out in cold sweats and makes me want to sh*t bricks! TMI? Soz about that!

I'm living by the old adage "feel the fear and do it anyway". It's early days still but a huge thank you to everyone that's stopped by the store, engaged on socials and of course honoured me with your hard earned cash money you are a ledge! 

Alright enough about me, I wanna know more about you. Who are ya, where you from, what floats your boat right now? Let me know in the comments. 

Peace & love

J x


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